Blockchain technology is still not endorsed in the Indian economy

Despite its rapid growth, development and quick adoption of this decentralized financial technology, it is still not given a complete endorsement from political to business leaders.

From the recent fintech festival which was taken place in Singapore, Indian PM has to relate the word Blockchain as an example of irrelevant financial technology because they have no control over it.

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Learn more of Hyperledger and Blockchain.

Let yourself be more educated in this emerging technology. You might already know about the basics of Smart contracts, blocks, ledger and all the other digital technologies, why not get into deeper and learn more with clearity so that you can already call yourself one of a kind of developer.

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The emerging technology (AI)


This technology has been said as one of the most emerging and future of technology. Although some experts are really worried about the fact that it’s going to replace human jobs. Though I agree that it has the potential for human jobs replacement, let’s also not forget that it can also bring lots of opportunities. In one way, it will solve the human problems with information and data transparency. It can be understood as the next generation of human technology.


In generally if I say that we will not miss our business meetings, job interviews, doctor appointment and so on. It can also be the personal secretary in your cabin.


Some of the institutions offering free AI course–cs271

The decentralized social media




Why choose central authority when we can fully go decentralized, i.e without any central authority. The users are getting frustrated by the blockage and demonetization on their content on a social video sharing platform like Youtube. The creators have no freedom of speech due to the hinder regulated by the centralized ecosystem. The time and energy that people are spending to share their contents with the world are of no use and less positivity that brings to the actual creator. But why do we have to worry more when we can monetize our contents. To overcome such an obstacle in terms of contents monetization, blockchain technology has been a major role in solving that problem. That’s right! now every content creator can get rewarded for their contents on a decentralized social media like Steemit which was developed on top of Steem blockchain.

The contents have been tokenized with the chain system of Smart media token (SMT) to give a support of your daily contents that you share on decentralized social media. The rewards are distributed as creator and curation reward. Which means that even the person engaging with your social media post can monetize their engagement. It is completely decentralized, i.e you have the complete control of your content.