Optimistic and Perseverance is the key to everything.

These are the two most powerful words that drive the successful entrepreneurs, influencers and all the public figures. They wouldn’t have been of where they are today if they wouldn’t believe in themselves and their creativity.

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Google CEO, Sundar Pichai’s 11 years old son is a Ethereum miner.

According to Business Insider  Sundar Pichai 11 years old son mines Ethereum on a home computer which Pichai made himself. He reveals at the New York Times DealBook conference that his son mines on a home computer.  Last week, while he was having dinner with his son, Pichai says something related to Bitcoin and his son has to clarify that it was about Ethereum and he told that he is mining it.

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Quit the vision of money

I want to take some of your time to let you know that, we can do many things with money but not everything. It is a viral weakness in our minds. I have been into the same category before, but not anymore. We can’t work on money but we can work for money. So better work on something instead of working for something. The goal of money is a very short term, but human, power, technology, creativity has long-term goals.

If you really want to enjoy success, work on something that will shape the future. I believe that we all have that capacity to make something out of our knowledge, talent, and skills.  Money is just a way of distracting our mindset and brain power. None of the successful creators has the money goal, in fact, they wouldn’t be of where they are today in life, career and the world.

Now is the time to gain lots of knowledge and experience and so in the future we can bring changes in the world by making human life easy. There are lots of problems to solve in the world, economy. Why not be a part of it and contribute something to the world so that people can remember you forever.


What if? you ran out of content ideas.



This is one of the most significant topics that come to my mind all the time, probably when I ran out of ideas. So, how to keep yourself up in this content crisis. I am sure all the content creators have the similar problem. Let’s not distract us from this disaster.

First of all, ask for yourself where do these ideas come from and from where do I bring it. This is not something that you have to dig mountains for it. The truth is, you have it stored in yourself all day long. You need to kick start thing and do not let it sit idle because it will ultimately get vanished if it’s not set to work.

Train your brain to your fullest potential and once you have completed training your brain and mindset, you have got nothing to worry about going broke from content ideas. After that, you don’t have to work for it because it will work for you. And after that definitely, you can place it on autopilot. The ideas will keep producing themselves and you keep your process of directing it.

The best way is that you find something problematic, find something controversial and so you can someway or the other bring the solution to it. Find a specific topic in your interest and talk about it, share with your audience, make a debate about it. This is one of the simplest ways to stay productive with ideas.

The ideas are everywhere around you, you just need to make the habit of identifying them.